WRITING PROMPT #2 (adding pictures to emotions)

Describe a moment in your life when you were overwhelmed with emotion; try and pick something that the details are still clear in your head. 

Last prompt I told you to stay away from emotion, this prompt lean in, address the emotion and attach a picture (metaphor or simile ) to every emotion -i.e.: walking towards her felt like gravity, like inevitable, and when she kissed me two planets met, it felt unknown, yet extraordinary!

Get creative! Let your story be led by picture!

Things to remember…

There is no wrong picture- it’s your feelings you’re describing!

Don’t write what you think sounds like poetry; in other words – do not be cliche

Re-read the poem after you write it and make sure you didn’t leave an emotion without a picture!


Begin to think through a beginning, middle, and end–even if the poem is a couple of stanzas, create a moment.  There doesn’t have to be a big Ah Ha! moment where  a metaphor changes your life.  This is learning that feelings deserve description!

Happy writing! Post and share! Let’s build!


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