SuperB Close Up

Welcome to my blog aka my Creative Space. This is a space where we are all allowed to be free and expressive. Whether it be through song, written poetry, or spoken poetry please share. I also want everyone to respond with comments or **snaps** or their own piece that pertains to what’s being said.

We’ll have a couple outlets for you to add your own creativity–blog posts and writing prompts. There are a couple rules when navigating through my posts…

First, be positive. It’s okay to give criticism, just make sure it’s productive.

Second, this is what my directions to YOU look like. Follow them so you can get the most out of my posts, especially my writing prompts.

Last, use the below comment box to provide your input like links, images, and words. I’ll make sure to respond back and hope other do, too.

That’s it! Have fun being creative! I look forward to seeing what comes out of this…


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