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Hi guys, here’s some inspiration in the form of a free-write from last week! Enjoy, comment, respond, create!!!


To this date, the definition of darkness is the absence of light
In 1933, a scientist discovered a substance in the universe that does not radiate or reflect light , named “dark matter” it is still unknown what exactly it is made of, but in theory darkness has substance
So the cliche line “light has then ability to push out darkness” is not a metaphor for your life –
It literally is telling you that , there is a presence that is stopping you from reflecting and radiating God
and the only way to destroy It is to expose it to light

Since I was younger, I wondered why I had the urge to stare at the sun, knowing I would be left blind,
But I almost felt like it was worth it,
Like somehow if I was able to stare long enough I’d find something that I had been looking for without knowing i found it-
I started seeing the sun in people
In the arms that hug the crying
The Hands that give to the hungry
In music
In poetry
In art
I started staring and listening
Till I couldn’t take it
I was so attracted to their light
I started learning how to be the sun
Without taking classes in stars
It is not easy to light up a solar system
It’s not easy to take your skeletons
And your scars
And ask God to turn them into flashlights
It’s like I asked Him to use me for parts
And He turned me into the car in the showroom
I asked Him to keep me from Darkness
And he turned me into a light house
I did not deserve this
I was broken and thought light was the band aid
It is not the band aid,
It is the new skin underneath

It is possible to be attracted to light and not follow it
Not feel brave enough to follow it into the cave
It is possible to follow it but not allow it to fill you
It is possible to allow it to fill you,
but be unwilling to share it

All these possibilities are stairs not walls
You are Attracted to light, because you have come from light
It once filled you
But one day it became a multiple choice
And we’ve never been good at pop quizzes

This is the story of us
The story we write everyday
The crosses we carry
The graves we dig
The anatomy we choose to display
For the next sun chaser to use
As a model
You are a model of light
You are an exhibit of things that darkness Is afraid of
Walk with caution
And confidence
And do not be afraid of the darkness
Because the darkness is afraid of you!

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